June 26th (Business Standard) – Chennai-based National Asphalt Products and Construction Company (NAPC) has bagged two iron ore mining projects in Thailand. The contract value of the projects estimated to be around $110 million and for a period of 10 years. Both projects will be executed with a joint venture partner. The company is also planning to invest Rs 1,400 crore in the next two to three years on various infrastructure related projects.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai Varun Manian, director, NAPC,said that the company has also signed a manganese ore mine project in Laos, Cambodia. The project worth is about Rs 60 crore. “Initially we are expecting Rs 110 crore revenue every year from the iron ore project in Thailand and Rs 30 crore from manganese ore project in Cambodia.”


In Thailand, the two mines are located in Wang Pong and Pa Tong spread over 5000 acres and 2000 acres respectively. When the project starts it will create 1000 jobs for the local Thai population, besides providing off shore works to around 80 NAPC engineers, said Manian. NAPC will invest Rs 1400 crore in the next two to three years on various infrastructure projects especially road construction projects.


June 5th (Steel Guru) – It is reported that Navakun Mining Co Ltd is seeking any possibility to get the exploration license for iron ore in Thailand. Currently, they are waiting the approval from the Department of Primary Industries and Mines and the minister.

Navakun is a 100%owned subsidiary of Oxiana Limited, an Australia based company mainly operates gold and copper mining. The company hopes to get the license to explore iron ore at Rayong in Chon Buri of Chachoengsao and Chanthaburi provinces.

Navakun Mining said that “At this stage, we do not know if there is any iron ore in the exploration sites. However, if we find what we want, we will seek the mining license.”

Navakun Mining expects that if the exploration was a success, then they will mainly supply the local market and China market.

May 30 (The Nation Headlines) – Oxiana plans to start exploring for iron ore in the Eastern Seaboard area as soon as possible, with an eye to supplying steel blast furnaces here and in China.


The Australian mining firm has set up a local subsidiary called Navakun Mining, which is waiting for a licence from the Primary Industries and Mines Department to explore 300,000 rai of land in Chon Buri, Rayong and Chachoengsao provinces.


The move is due partly to the government’s policy of promoting upstream steel smelters.


Peter Albert, executive general manager for Asia, yesterday said it would supply steel smelters here as well as in China, which has considerable demand for iron ore.


“Australia exports a huge amount of iron ore to China. If our exploration [in Thailand] is successful, we will take advantage of the closer location to the large market in China,” he said.


It plans to spend 2 million to 5 million Australian dollars (Bt62.1 million to Bt155 million) on exploration in the first year and if successful will double or triple the investment in the following years.