June 3rd (Stockhouse) –¬†Dome Ventures¬†is in the process of executing an airborne geophysical contract with Geotech Airborne Ltd. on its 12,800-square-kilometre Mitzic licence in Gabon, West Africa. The survey contract calls for approximately 1,200 line kilometres and is expected to commence within one week. The survey will be focused on a number of areas shown to be prospective for gold as a result of Dome’s earlier geochemical programs on the property.

Dome is also in the process of making a number of applications with the Mining Department in Gabon for the conversion of its current Prospection Permit into up to four Exploration Licenses, each having an area of approximately 2,000 square kilometres. This process is expected to be completed by mid September 2008, the second anniversary of the granting of Dome’s Mitzic Prospection Permit.

One area that will be the subject of an Exploration License application has been found to be particularly prospective for iron-ore and Dome is presently negotiating the terms of an agreement under which another company more experienced with iron-ore may take over the iron-ore potential of the license. Subject to the finalization of terms and the conclusion of a formal agreement, Dome expects to make an announcement on this transaction within the next two weeks.