Clive Palmer eyes Australasian Resources

July 24, 2008

July 24th (Business Spectator) – Australiasian Resources Ltd’s shares have surged 32.6 per cent to $1.585 after it announced it had received a $327 million takeover proposal from Billionaire Clive Palmer, who is planning to establish a new Australian resources group.

The iron ore miner said it had received a takeover proposal from Mr Palmer’s company Resource Development International Ltd (RDI), which already holds a 66.37 per cent stake in Australasian.

Under the proposal, RDI has placed a notional price of $2.20 on each Australasian share. Shareholders who accept the offer would be paid in RDI shares.

Mr Palmer wants to create a resources group to rival BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and plans to list RDI, and if successful complete its merger with Australasian, by late 2008.

Australasian has been working to develop its proposed $2.7 billion iron ore mine, Balmoral South, in Western Australia with Chinese company Shougang Corp, which has a significant investment in the miner of 6.36 per cent.

It has been reported that Mr Palmer is seeking Chinese investment for his company, and would approach Shougang and Baosteel, seeking financial interest.

RDI will have a portfolio that includes iron ore, with a 10-billion tonne iron ore resource in the Pilbara, nickel, including the proposed Gladstone nickel project and steel mill, and other energy interests.

Through a strategic alliance MEO Australia is set to become the core of the new group’s energy division, while keeping a separate listing.


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