VP commissions iron ore, cooking oil plants in Touna

July 18, 2008

July 18th (Antara News) – Vice President M Jusuf Kalla on Friday inaugurated an iron ore plant and a cooking oil factory at Uebone village, Ampana Tete subdistrict, in Tojo-Unauna (Touna) District, Central Sulawesi.

The iron ore plant belongs to PT Touna Mineral Energy, a joint venture between domestic and foreign investors. The plant is expected to produce thousands of tons of iron ore monthly mainly for export to South Korea.

The cooking oil factory which belongs to PT Bangun Inti Kencana, a domestic investor, has a production capacity of hundreds of tons monthly.

In his address, Vice President Jusuf Kalla called on the local administration to work harder to improve the economic conditions of the local people by attracting more investors.

“The people will prosper if more investments come in,” Kalla said.

On the occasion, Kalla also symbolically presented credits to 500 small-scale businessmen in the province with each person receiving loans ranging from Rp100,000 to Rp500,000.

Among those attending the inauguration ceremony was Mrs. Mufidah Kalla, Central Sulawesi Governor Paliudju and Touna District Head Damsyik Ladjalani.


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