Centrex reverts to original wharf plan

July 8, 2008

July 8th (ABC West Coast) – There has been another twist in an Adelaide-based company’s push for mineral exports from Port Lincoln. Centrex Metals has outlined its latest plans at Port Lincoln Council’s meeting. Centrex had been looking to export iron ore from the old BHP wharf at Port Lincoln’s Proper Bay.

This included signing a deal with the wharf’s owner, former Port Lincoln identity Dean Lukin. But the company’s managing director, Gerard Anderson, outlined a plan last night which would see it using the city’s main foreshore wharf, an option it originally pursued. Mr Anderson says the move should overcome residents’ concerns on issues such as the use of trucks as the ore would be moved in.

He says improvements at the wharf paid for by Centrex Metals would also benefit the grain industry, but that has failed to convince opposing residents who say it is still a damaging proposal. Gyn Hyde, from the city’s action group, says a long-term solution for the whole region is needed. “Not an expedient solution for one relatively small mine for their convenience.”

Centrex says it should have a proposal before the Government, for whichever site it eventually chooses, within a few weeks.


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