Western Plains consortium applies to build port

July 7, 2008

July 7th (Whyalla News) – Western Plains Resources, as part of a consortium, was one of nine companies to lodge an expression of interest to develop a bulk commodity port facility on the Point Lowly Peninsula.

The Spencer Ports Group includes Western Plains subsidiary, Spencer Gulf Ports Pty Ltd, the proposed port operator, Pacific Basin Ports and a division of Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd (PBL).

PBL has interests in port operations in China and the Middle East and owns PB Towage Ltd, operating tugs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia.

According to Western Plains the Spencer Ports Group’s submission is supported by the Port Bonython Bulk Users Group regarding future projects.

The Port Bonython Bulk Users Group consists of IMX Resources, Centrex Metals, Ironclad Mining and Western Plains.

All four companies wish to export iron ore from the port.

Also assisting the group are civil and marine engineering consultants, port operations consultants, a rail track access company and public relations and communications consultants.

“WPG’s principal interest is to see the port built quickly and for the port user charges to be competitive with other open access bulk commodity ports elsewhere in Australia,” Western Plains executive chairman Bob Duffin said.

Western Plains initially planned to build their facilities on OneSteel land, however, that option was scuttled when OneSteel delayed negotiations to conduct a study into OneSteel’s future plans.

Mr Duffin said there has been no change on that front since talks were broken off in December last year.

“I would anticipate that the OneSteel Whyalla option is as dead as a dodo,” he said.


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