Atlas’ Pardoo project wins EPA approval

June 16, 2008

June 16th (WA Business News) – West Perth-based Atlas Iron Ltd has completed another hurdle for its Pardoo iron project in the Pilbara, which is targeting first ore exports in October. The company announced it had won approval from the Environmental Protection Authority which deemed that any environmental impact would be confined to the project area.

Of particular concern to the EPA was that the mining area was within the De Grey River water reserve which is classified as a priority one source protection area. “The water reserve contains the current and future domestic water supply borefields for the township of Port Hedland. The proposal has the potential to impact groundwater through dewatering and discharge of excess water,” the EPA said in its bulletin released today.

However the EPA found that the hydrogeological modeling indicated that due to the nature of the orebodies and associated aquifiers in the project area, any impact associated with dewatering would be confined to the immediate area.

“This is the culmination of two years of hard work, a major milestone in our development and an endorsement of our approach to environmental management,” Atlas managing director David Flanagan. “We would like to acknowledge the EPA and all the other Government and non- Government agencies for their assistance to date.”

Atlas is targeting iron ore exports at an initial rate of 1 million tonnes per annum during its first 12 months of operations of the Pardoo Project. Together with additional export tonnages from its Abydos Project, the company is targeting exports of 6 million tonnes by 2010 and 12 million tonnes by 2012.


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