FMO to supply iron ore briquettes to Sidor

June 12, 2008

June 12th (Steel Guru) – BNamericas reported that Venezuelan iron ore and pellet producer Ferrominera Orinoco has 1 million tonnes of iron briquettes ready to send as raw material to local steelmaker Sidor.

An Ferrominera Orinoco executive told BNamericas that “This became possible once operation of the Opco briquette plant fell into the hands of FMO adding that practically all of Opco’s output is being earmarked for the recently nationalized Sidor plant.”

In June last year Ferrominera Orinoco assumed control of the Opco briquette plant following the expiration of its contract with Japan’s Kobelco. This allowed Ferrominera Orinoco to add briquettes to its production, on top of iron ore and pellets.

Ferrominera Orinoco has capacity of 1 million tonne per year briquettes at the Opco plant and plans to increase output to 1.4 million tonne per year in two years.


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