Ukraine iron ore output up by 8% YoY in 5 months 2008

June 4, 2008

June 4th (Steel Guru) – Interfax quoted the Industrial Policy Ministry as reporting that Ukraine’s iron ore concentrate production grew 8% to 26.823 million tonnes and prepared iron ore rose 1% to 30.55 million tonnes including pellets up by 2% to 9.432 million tonnes and sinter ore up by 1% to 21.118 million tonnes. Crude iron ore production rose 6% to 33.694 million tonnes.

Poltava Mining

 Jan-May’08 Change
Iron ore pellets 3,823,000 -2.2%
Iron ore concentrate 4,538,000 2.5%

(In tonnes)

Suha Balka

 Jan-May’08 Change
Iron ore 1,295,000 0.9%

(In tonnes)

Zaporizhiya Mining

 Jan-May’08 Change
Commercial iron ore 1,859,000 0.7%

(In tonnes)


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