Including contracts, ArcelorMittal aims for 110Mt/y of iron ore by 2012

May 23, 2008

May 22 (Iron Ore Daily Post) – apart from 20m t/y in long-term strategic contracts in Brazil, US and South Africa, ArcelorMittal aims for 110m t/y iron ore supply by 2012. However, it has further expansion plan potential under study in Liberia, Ukraine, Senegal and Mauritania, which could raise the company’s self-sufficiency level to 75-85% by 2014/15.

Company’s best shots come from African countries, where ArcelorMittal could source over 30m t/y of iron ore, commencing in 2012. Liberia’s mines should begin their production by 2010, ramping up to almost 15m t/y by 2012. Mauritania’s assets are expect to produce on similar levels.

In addition, capacity increases in Mexico, Canada and Ukraine will help the group in achieving its targets. In Brazil, rumors indicate it could lift the current capacity, around 1.8-2m t/y, to about 4m t/y. However, such plans remain unconfirmed.

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